Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mark says FairTax is done. I think that deserves a horse laugh!

Back on the Ripple again, Mark says that the FairTax is done. Yeah, I know... I'm still laughing too. He's about the stupidest man in Quincy, Illinois. Mark says that all of the FairTax leaders (and who he's talking about is a mystery) have all abandoned the FairTax. What else would you expect from a brainless pedophile? I think that Mark deserves a great big horse laugh! Enough said.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's all about getting attention...

Are you wondering what Mark's deal is? Do you read Mark's blogs with bewilderment? Do you shake your head and say "Wow! This guy is really flipped out"? Do you wonder why Mark continues to rant about the same things over and over? Well, it's all about getting attention. Mark lives alone. He has no friends. His family doesn't want too much to do with him (would you?). The only people Mark gets to see all day is when Meals-On-Wheels deilvers his food. His whole day revolves around an absurd blog site. His blogs and comments seem to get wilder and more insane with every word he types. Mark knows about the FairTax. He probably knows it better than most people. I commented to one of Mark's posts asking him why he spent so much time blogging about something that he says is a dead issue. Mark came back with one of the more sane replies that he's ever had. Mark said that the FairTax is the best tax reform bill that has ever been before congress. He went on to say that although there were some problems he had with the FairTax, he admitted that it was our best chance for tax reform and economic recovery. No doubt he's deleted that comment as he does any comment that makes him look bad. Is Mark insane? Without doubt. There is no way that a sane individual would say the things he does. So why does he do it? It's all about getting attention. It's all about making the wildest, most insane comments that he can. It's all about getting people mad enough to comment. The more comments he gets, the more attention he gets and that gives him something to do with his time. At least it keeps him from molesting children.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Does this remind you of anyone?

Who does this remind you of? Does it kind-of remind you of Mark? Having a tantrum about the FairTax? He's afraid of the FairTax. Like all mentally retarded people, his daily routine has to be structured and repetitive. Any change to his routine drives Mark off the deep end. The FairTax would be too much of a change to the imbecile's daily routine. Simple to most normal people, but too much for Mark to comprehend. So he rants and cries and throws tantrums... like the baby in the video.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Who's the knucklehead?

The liquor store in Quincy, Illinois must have had a sale on Ripple this weekend. The imbecile is back on his rant about the government paying itself taxes again. He's unleashed another irrational, illogical, ranting tirade. Since I put this blog together, it's been getting far worse. He goes farther off the deep end with every new post. I picture him sitting at his computer, sweating and trembling with fear. Drooling and wiping his nose with his shirt sleeve. All day long this goes on. With only a short break when Meals-On-Wheels delivers his food. It's fear that has Mark in it's grip. He is afraid of the FairTax. If he weren't afraid, why would he spend so much time on something that he says is a farce? And where in the world does he come up with this 30% pay reduction thing? He still posts the link to the Neal Boortz article in explaining the "take home 100% of your pay check" in more depth. I've read the article 50 times and I see nothing in it about taking a 30% reduction in pay. So where does he get it?
His days, his life is consumed with this obsession. Deleting the comments of anyone who makes him look bad... which isn't hard to do. A half inch from being committed to an institution, Mark just can't understand that he's the only one that sees this... Mark says:
"They do in fact plan on cutting the wages of all workers 30% -- Boortz and Linder admitted that's the only way for their math to work out. Its not part of HR25 - which makes it MORE absurd -- they just hope American workers will take a 30% cut in pay. Read Boortz own admission of this fact:"
"Fairtax pretends it can collect 800 billion dollars in -- FROM the federal governmnent. And another 800 billion dollars a year -- from a tax on state and local governments.

"Fairtax defender David G. Tuerck, Phd and math wizard, is even defending this absurdity of taxing the government. Tuerck admits the government paying itself is "a wash" but then idiotically asks "Whats the problem with that"?"
A PhD in economics and a Nobel Laureate says it's a wash, but that isn't good enough for Mark! So Mark, have you figured it out yet? Everybody that reads the FairTax book, understands what Neal Boortz is talking about when he says that the federal government will be a major taxpayer... everybody but one brain-dead imbecile. Duh. Mark, maybe now, just maybe, you might not understand it? Just a thought... but maybe you're wrong? Boy, doesn't that make you feel like an ass when you rant and yell, then later you find out you've been wrong all along? In some of his more "sober" moments, Mark has even admitted that we should support the FairTax because it's the only viable alternative to the current system. Yes, he said that. So why does he continue to rant? It's his sick mind that propels him.

Monday, July 7, 2008

If you want to laugh your ass off...

If you want to laugh your ass off, you simply MUST see the imbecile's latest blogs! This imbecile has taken it up a notch to full blown absolute madness. If I didn't know better, I'd think a mentally challenged first grader dreams his shit up. He's back on Boortz again. Claiming, erroneously, that Boortz is going back on what he said in his book. Making wild accusations and trying to use the same video's and articles. Twisting them and adding things that were never said. Who is he trying to fool? His little Q-A session where he asks the questions and answers is a real prize! This guy really is a moron! Go ahead, you've gotta see this one (click here)! I'd link you directly to the blog, but he stopped putting titles in them so people can't link back. I guess he realizes this makes him look like a laughing stock! Don't bother commenting, he deletes them anyway. What a moron!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mark and his amazing transmogrifying brain!

Does everybody remember Calvin & Hobbes? I was a big fan. Every day I would grab the paper and go directly to see what Calvin & Hobbes were up to. One of my favorite Calvin inventions was the "transmogrifier". Calvin, being a little boy, had a very active imagination. Calvin would take a cardboard box and paint "transmogrifier" on the side. Calvin would crawl into the box and have his faithful tiger companion press the button. Instantly, Calvin would be transmogrified into whatever he wanted to be. It was hilarious! Our imbecile, Mark has a brain that transmogrifies things too. Mark can read an article, or watch a video and "Zap", his brain would instantly transmogrify whatever he reads or whatever video he watches into something completely the opposite! Mark reads the FairTax book and "Zap", all of a sudden FairTax mandates a 30% reduction in salaries and wages! "Zap", and Neal Boortz is rewriting the FairTax code! "Zap" and nobody wants it to pass. "Zap", and the leaders know it's a farce! "Zap", and 800,000 volunteer supporters are gone! "Zap", and cancer patients would have to pay the highest sales tax on earth on their treatment! "Zap", and the insanities never stop!

Deleting comments and more!

Mark is a real prize! Not only is he deleting blogs in wholesale fashion, he's now deleting comments and rewriting his own! I asked Mark why he was deleting people's comments. His explanation is that he was just getting rid of "old stuff". Conveniently, the "old stuff" just happens to be the stuff that proves him wrong. Now Mark returns to one of his favorite activities, besides spewing insanity, he's now writing his own comments! I guess someone has to agree with the imbecile, might as well be himself! Way to go moron! Think nobody can tell?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mark is Looney Tunes!!!

My oh my, Marks last blog is about a half inch from a total insane meltdown. He's unleashing a tsunami of Markisms. In case you didn't know, a Markism is a word or phrase that Mark makes up off the top of his pointed head. The more I blog here, the wilder and nuttier he gets. So far Mark has succeeded in rewriting the FairTax code, promoting Neal Boortz to congress and a list of other insane rantings from Quincy, Illinois' village idiot. I'll bet none of you knew that Neal Boortz has been elected to congress. That's right, Mark says Neal Boortz is rewriting the FairTax code! Mark says Neal Boortz introduced it in congress! Yeah! No shit! Now Mark says that every worker will have a 30% reduction in pay! All because of the FairTax! Really! John Linder is looking for an out! Yeah, congressman Linder is so embarrassed about the FairTax, he's not supporting it anymore! Matter of fact, Mark says nobody really wants it to pass! Great Markism! Can you believe this moron? Where does it say... anywhere... about a 30% pay reduction? Mark says the FairTax is based on it! Where does he get this shit? How does he manage to dig this stuff up? It's because Mark's brain can't multi-task. There are certain points that go together to make up the FairTax. A person has to be able to hold on to certain things that work in conjunction with others. Mark's brain can't do that. Explain one thing to him and he loses another. I guess it took years for him to be able to dress himself and tie his own shoes. Putting two things together like that just confuses him. For years he probably wiped his johnson and shook his ass instead of the other way around.Mark is back to deleting comments from his blogs. Only the ones that prove him wrong. Nice to be able to remove all the competition and attempt to make himself look better. Guess what? It didn't work.

Why do I blog?

Why do I do this? Well, I guess what I really like is the design aspect. Putting together a nice looking, readable, well designed blog. It's come a long way since I started it. I do it because I believe that the single greatest thing that could happen to this country is the passage of the FairTax (HR25). It's a no-brainer to me. The disadvantages of our current system are too numerous to list here. The advantages of the FairTax are just too great to ignore. A simple, fair system that sets us free. Support has grown to over 800,000 registered volunteer supporters and growing. 83 cosponsors in congress up from 72 just two months ago and growing. The FairTax is one of the largest grassroots movements in the history of our country. Some of this country's most important changes have come as a result of grassroots movements. The FairTax eliminates volumes of tax code and replaces it with a 133 page tax code. There's a 64 page plain English version also. Is the FairTax perfect? No, I don't think any system of taxation is perfect. The FairTax is the best chance we have to get rid of the cluster fuck we have now. There will be those who disagree. But there are those who make it their career to disagree. It never fails. Every time something good comes along, somebody will come along and disagree just to disagree. Does Mark bother me? Not really. Mark is one of those who disagree with anything and everything. He wants to be thought of as smart, but he comes off more as an imbecile than anything else. He's scared. The FairTax has gathered so much support it sends him into ranting tirades, repeating the same things over and over. I don't really need to debunk Mark. Mark debunks himself.

*ATTENTION* Mark has deleted 7 of his blogs. I guess to keep from making himself look like he's having a meltdown. No biggie, huh Mark? They all say the same thing anyway! Same old tired rantings.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mark is having a meltdown!

Watch out! It's gonna blow! Mark is having a meltdown! He's sitting at home in front of his little computer typing as fast as his fingers can type! He's pumping out the insanity at record speed! So far, in just this month, he's blogged 41 times! His brain is in overdrive trying desperately to get as much bullshit pumped out as possible. I've got him so mad he could bite nails in-two and the madder he gets, the wilder his blogs are. He's like a speed freak on steroids! He's deleting comments as fast as people can post them. Pretty soon the little men in white suits are gonna come and take him away! Oh no! Back to the mental hospital. Mark, remember how they attach those electrodes to your temples and zap your brain? Well, here it comes again! Tell Nurse Ratchet we all said hello! This is great... check this out people. Go to Mark's blog site (click here). Now, go to Mark's very first blogs. Waaaay back in January. Now look at his last blog... the one he posted just a little while ago. See any difference? Check it out... everything in between is the same thing! He has repeated the same things over and over again since January! That's it! Mark's trying for the Guiness Book of World Records for insane rantings! Good luck Mark! Go Mark, Go Mark, Go Mark!!!

*ATTENTION!* *ACHTUNG!* Mark has deleted 7 of his blogs so far. Mark reads this blog on a regular basis. He's deleting his blogs to keep from looking like he's having a meltdown. But we know better!

Mark 's brain doesn't work like a normal person...

Well, Mark had a little difficulty trying to figure out how to embed a video into his blog. I'm baffled to see why something so simple would be such a problem for Mark. He finally got it to work. I wonder who told him how to do it. The video that Mark embedded is one of Neal Boortz and congressman John Linder explaining the FairTax to Sean Hannity on Fox News. I have that video in my video feeds. Rarely does a person see such a simple, easy to understand explanation. My ten year old neighbor, a sweet girl, but no honor student, read the book and now is able to explain how the FairTax works like a pro. But the question still bothers me. Why would Mark post a video that actually proves himself wrong? Why would Mark post links, which he rarely does, that would prove himself wrong? Why does Mark quote parts of the book that actually proves himself wrong? Why does Mark take things that totally tear his arguments apart and post them in his blog, then come back and talk about how they prove him correct? Why does 99.9% of all people who watch the video's, read the links, read the book and understand it while Mark doesn't? I can't count the number of people who have taken the time to explain to Mark how he misses it. But if you explain one thing to Mark, he loses what you explained to him five minutes ago. Is it intentional? Does he do this on purpose? I've tried to figure it out, but I keep coming back to the same opinion. Mark has an issue. Mark defies simple logic, bordering on insanity. He's either been injured in an accident or suffers from some genetic abnormality that has effected how his brain processes information. How else would you explain the rantings, the repetition, the misquotes, the lies? I challenge anyone to watch the Boortz and Linder video that Mark has on his blog, and show me anywhere where Boortz, Linder, Sean Hannity or the lady in the video contradict themselves as Mark says they do. Mark's brain seems to work in one dimension. Throw anything at him where you have to put any two ideas or concepts together and he goes even further off the deep end. So, what is Mark's problem? Is he an imbecile? Is he a moron? I don't think anyone could arrive at any different opinion after reading his blogs. I can't see his family allowing him to live and function on his own. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a person like Mark?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The imbecile unleashes a shit storm in response...

See that stuff coming out of the bull's ass? That's bullshit! The imbecile has had a shit storm since I started this blog! Wow! He's mad and the madder he gets the wilder he gets! He's spewing it out by the bucket loads! Check it out... here's Mark's blog archives:
January - 2 blogs. February - 5 blogs. March - 8 blogs. April - 3 blogs. May - 11 blogs. June - 41 blogs!
Since I started this blog site, Mark has had a storm of bullshit! His little brain is working overtime to try and keep up. It's enough to drive any sane person into the nut house. This blog site has driven Mark to the brink of total meltdown! I challenge anyone to find that much repetition anywhere on the internet. Take a minute and go to the moron's blog site (click here). Has anybody ever seen the same arguments repeated so many times in the same place? It's like a broken record of lies and bullshit. If Mark ever had an original thought I think I'd pass out. The government paying itself repeated over and over and over. Cancer patients repeated over and over and over until an actual cancer patient finally writes in an tells Mark to knock it off, Mark says fuck off! Nursing home patients, over and over and over. The highest sales tax on earth repeated so many times he'd make the rain man puke. 41 times in just one month and counting! Mark also likes to screen comments. Why Mark? If you're so right, why do you even bother to screen comments? And do you have to respond to everyone? Can't a person just make a comment and let it go at that? He deletes the comments of anyone who makes him look too bad. Something that tickles me is the people who actually try to tell Mark about the FairTax. Bless their hearts, they mean well, but we're not dealing with a normal human being here. That just sends Mark back into another ranting tirade of repetitive bullshit and conspiracy theories. I'd love to see Mark try to defend himself in court with the same bullshit that he spews here. They'd put him under the jail... after a psychological evaluation. Mark says he retired early from a government job. Could you imagine working with a moron like that? Stay tuned, more to come!

*** ATTENTION *** Mark has deleted 7 of his blogs since reading this! He's making a vane attempt to make it look like he isn't having a meltdown.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An excellent article from an expert...

I bought a cup of coffee today, this came back with my change. Cool huh? Taking a short break from debunking the imbecile, Mark Douglas Curran of Quincy, Illinois... well, not really. This article helps to debunk the imbecile, so why don't I just post a link to it here? It's rather large, so instead of posting the entire article here, I'll supply a link: Bob McTeer's Blog (click here). This is what an expert in the field of economics and taxation says about the FairTax. Of course, it won't slow Mark down... he's an imbecile.

A cancer patient sends Mark a message...

A cancer patient writes to Mark's blog and asks him to please stop using cancer patients as an example. Here's what could be this person's dying wish:
"Mark, I'm a cancer patient. I have advanced lymphoma. Please don't speak for me. I support the FairTax. My medical insurance has paid my bills on time and in full to date. I'm quite certain that they will continue to pay for my treatment, tax included, when FairTax passes. So please leave us cancer patients out of your arguments. We don't want or need you speaking for us. I'm proud to pay my fair share and that's what FairTax is all about."
Now this has been one of Mark's favorite arguments. Mark says that cancer patients will scream for exemptions. Well, one cancer patient has asked Mark to knock it off. This was Mark's response:
"Anon, sorry for your health issue, and pray for your complete and speedy recovery.
How do you know your insurance company will pay your taxes -the worlds highest tax will be added to your medical bills, if FT ever passed (Which is impossible, people wont agree to this tax)
So you think your Insurance company will pay it? What makes you think that?
And Fairtax assumes it will get 500 billion -- half a trillion dollars, 1.5 of the national budget -- from the taxes on health care.
Do you think insurance companies are going to pay half a trillion dollars in taxes?
Why don't you call them and ask.
Half a trillion here, half a trillion there, and pretty soon, you are talkinga bout a lot of money.
So let say your insurance company pays all the sales taxes for everyone. All the insurance companies do.
Where do you suppose they will get this half a trillion dollars?
YOu suppose they will just take it from the profits on Katrina?
You suppose they will just go to Vegas and win it against Thurmon Brunson in Texas Hold em?
YOU suppose they will win every lottery for the next 100 years?
Where do you suppose they will get half a trillion dollars every year to pay the sales tax on all these medical cost?
Now Fairtax has an idea. They say you can't really tax corporations, cause they pass it on.
You think maybe, just maybe, if insurance companies had to pay the highest sales tax on earth, on your medical, they would, oh, i don't know, pass the cost on?
Or would they go broke, be out of business in a month, and sell AmWay?"
A dying person has asked Mark to stop speaking for cancer patients and Mark the same as says fuck off! So much for his caring concern for cancer patients!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He pays his fair share and more!

He paid the ultimate price. Is he whining about paying his fair share? Should cancer patients be exempt from federal taxes while he pays for their freedom? Shame on you Mark, shame!

8 out of the last 10 blogs are about cancer patients...

Wow, talk about running something into the ground! Mark seems to have a case of brain lock. He can't get his mind off of cancer patients, or some kind of patient, whining about having the rest of the country pay for their misfortune. To all you cancer patients, parkinsons, burn victims, alzheimers patients, etc. I'm really sorry to hear of your misfortune, but do you really think that the rest of the country should have to pay your way? Are you really pissed that the FairTax is the only federal tax you have to pay? Do you think it's fair that the rest of us have to pay our fair share while you don't have to because of your disease? What about my family? If we have to pay, shouldn't you have to? My grandfather fought and was wounded in WWI. My father fought and was wounded in WWII. I fought and was wounded in Viet Nam. My son is currently serving in Iraq. Shouldn't my family be exempt too? After all, we're taking the bullets for your freedom! Where did you serve Mark? Nice to be able to bitch and moan about paying your fair share with your cheaply bought freedom! Nice to be able to run your mouth after someone else took the bullets for your freedom! You don't want to pay your fair share? Cancer victim or not, if that's the way you feel, move to Russia! Now that you've thought about it, do you really feel that bad about paying your fair share? I didn't think so. Get well soon!

The imbecile misquotes ... again!

Misquoting articles in an attempt to back his wild, imbecilic claims seems to be a habit with our moron. If Mark posts a link, which he rarely ever does, check it. Nine times out of ten, it has nothing to do with what Mark is claiming. We all have seen how Mark tries to say that Boortz now tells us that we won't bring home our entire paycheck, when the article Mark quotes says entirely the opposite. In Mark's mind, he probably does see it that way. Why is it that nobody agrees with him? Mark is a busy little fucker. The more people challenge him, the more he goes out searching for any little tidbit that might help him prove his wild claims. So far, he's found Bruce Bartlett and some obscure article from a retail sales organization. Mark says it's the National Federation of Retailers. This is what Mark quotes them as saying:
"Under the proposed national sales tax rate of 30 percent at the cash register, consumers would simply stop spending on anything but the barest necessities for a prolonged period of time," Pfister said. (Whoever Phister is).
"This would have a ripple effect throughout the economy with an impact far beyond the retail industry. Even at lower rates, the psychological effect on consumer spending would be profound."
But here's where it gets screwy. Again, I'm sure Mark does this on purpose. He puts this link in, which says nothing about the FairTax... nothing: (click here). Since Mark takes everything he reads at face value and doesn't possess the brain power to think beyond what he reads, let's look at what this Phister guy talks about. He says:
"Under the proposed national sales tax rate of 30 percent at the cash register, consumers would simply stop spending on anything but the barest necessities for a prolonged period of time."
What Phister considers a prolonged period of time is a mystery, and why would consumers stop spending on anything but the barest necessities? Hmmm, do you suppose that for the first time in their lives, they're able to save some money or invest for their future? Mark doesn't mention that. Nor does Mr. Phister. And again, he goes on to say:
"This would have a ripple effect throughout the economy with an impact far beyond the retail industry. Even at lower rates, the psychological effect on consumer spending would be profound."
Hmmm, you know, he's probably right on this one. Once people find out that they actually get to bring home what they earn and spending less means saving and investing for their future more. It certainly will have a profound effect on the economy. All those businesses and industries coming back to the U.S. That 17 trillion dollars in off-shore tax havens coming back into the economy certainly will have a profound effect. All those new jobs opening up... yep, profound! Thank you for again misquoting Mark! And thanks for only seeing these articles at face value! Keep up the good work Mark!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Should cancer patients be exempt from the FairTax?

As anyone who's read any of Mark's comments know, he's obsessed with cancer and nursing home patients. One of Mark's key arguments is that cancer patients will "demand and receive exemptions to the FairTax". Well, let's look at the numbers. According to the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, "every year over one million people are diagnosed with cancer" (click here). So, out of a total population of over 300 million, one million and change are diagnosed. For those of you like Mark, who don't understand basic math, that's 1 out of every 3,000,000 people (Google "1% of 300,000,000"). Mark says it's more like 33% of the population, but where he gets this figure is a mystery. Hmmm, that means one out of every three people has cancer. There are eleven houses in my subdivision, not one family has or knows anyone in their family that has cancer. Hmmm, wonder where all these cancer victims Mark refers to are living? Since the whole concept behind the FairTax is well, fairness, and remembering that the more exemptions means a higher rate for everyone else, how many of you readers think that 299,000,000 (that's two hundred ninety nine million) people should pay a higher federal tax rate because 1,000,000 (that's one million) have a special need? And what special need deserves an exemption over another? OK, let's look at nursing home patients. Again, looking at the figures from the CDC, there are 18,000 nursing homes in the U.S., that averages out to 360 nursing homes per state. There are 1.9 million beds, 1.6 million current residents, an occupancy rate of 87% and an average stay of 892 days per resident (click here). That's less than 1% of the total population. Again, should 299,000,000 people have to pay a higher federal tax rate than 1% of the total population? Where would the exemptions stop? Heart disease is the nations number one killer. Shouldn't heart patients get an exemption too? How about unwed mothers? How about people with arthritis? Well, if they deserve an exemption, I have a hang-nail, I should be exempt too. Mark says that all these people will be lined up demanding and getting exemptions. Yeah, sure and congress is just gonna open up an exemption stand on Capital Hill and hand out exemptions willy-nilly to anyone that asks! Meanwhile the federal tax rate spirals up and out of control, uh huh, sure. Something Mark fails to see is, what makes the FairTax fair is... NO EXEMPTIONS... NONE... PERIOD!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The definition of insanity...

Repeating the same things over and over again seem to be Mark's game. But how many times do we have to debunk the same things over and over? We don't have to. Not any more and that's why I created this blog. I get a chuckle out of the people who comment on Mark's posts. They mean well. Trying to educate an imbecile is an impossibility though, and besides, Mark knows how the FairTax works better than Boortz and Linder. No, I'm here to show how Mark cannot possibly be a sane human being. Maybe I should rephrase that... I just think it's fun to laugh at this moronic pedophile... Mark does a good enough job on his own proving that he's not sane.

The imbecile says support is dying...

Well he's at it again. And finally, he posts what I've been trying to get him to say for a few weeks now. You see, Mark says that the FairTax is dying and that it's leaders really don't want it to pass! This, in my opinion, is one of the more absurd of the absurdity's of Mark's tiny mind. Here's a clue Mark... is it dying? If you call eleven more cosponsors in the past two months dying... then you're right. But you've always had trouble with numbers. FairTax now has 84 cosponsors... up 12 from 72 just two months ago. Yep, looks like it's dying, huh Mark? Mark says that the leaders, and by this I guess he's speaking of Boortz and Linder, never really wanted it to pass. The imbecile says that Boortz and Linder are looking for an out. Yep, they're trying to get out of it so bad that they signed eleven more cosponsors! They never really wanted it to pass? Yep, I guess Boortz and Linder and the 84 cosponsors were so bored, they decided to introduce HR25. Nothing else to do. But here's where the imbecile slips up... again: Mark says "of course I can't prove that they're not trying to get it passed". Of course not Mark, but then again, you haven't been able to prove a single word you've said so far! But that doesn't slow down the lies, misquotes, inflated numbers and false claims! 'Glad to see you've opened up your blog again Mark. Were you scared or something? I can't understand why you keep closing your blog and then reopening it. I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to debunk. Thanks again imbecile!